• Dena Roché

Cheers-io: We Taste Britain’s Finest Bubbles

Think of beverages and Britain, and you probably think of tea, but oenophiles know the best British boisson is a glass of bubbly. The cork is off the bottle as 2018 saw English sparkling wine beat out champagne at the 2018 Sommelier Wine Awards—in France. It’s no fluke, major Champagne houses are eyeing land in England. Tattinger already has grapes planted with Domaine Evremond—its first British sparkler expected to release in the early 2020s.

There are a whopping 500 vineyards in Sussex and Kent producing sparkling wine. Their success is in part due to the terrior.

But what has really helped in the last few years is sadly climate change. As temperatures increase, the weather in Champagne is requiring vintners to harvest those grapes before optimal ripeness, while the increase in temperatures in England has put it in the sweet spot for perfect grapes.

With the quality of English fizz the best it’s ever been, and the wine region still flying a bit under the radar, now is the ideal time to plan a tasting trip to southeast England.

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