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Cheers to the Fourth of July!

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

This year there might not be big parades, community parties or fireworks, but you can still make the 4th of July a great 244th birthday celebration by firing up the grill for a cookout and pairing your feast with these five best 4th of July wines.

Burgers Best Beverage

For anyone who thinks wine needs a fancy food pairing, think again. If ever there was a food made for wine, it’s the quintessential American burger. Nearly any red varietal will pair well with a beef burger; so let your sauces and condiments dictate which direction to go.

For a classic cheeseburger topped with ketchup try the 2017 DeLoach Vineyard Syrah. This Russian River Valley red has an aroma of fresh fruits and undertones of herbs and smoke that compliment a classic grilled burger.

If you like to kick up the heat and spice on your burger with chipotle mayo or BBQ sauce, the 2017 Raymond Exclusive Selection Zinfandel is an ideal choice. The higher alcohol percentage, coupled with the smell of raspberries and other red fruits and oak can stand up to the intensity of the condiments.

Steak Your Claim

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that life is too short to not celebrate everyday. This 4th of July take that philosophy to heart with a gourmet cookout. Whether you’re grilling up a Tenderloin or a filet mignon, a big, bold, luscious Cabernet Sauvignon should be your go to wine.

In partnership with Napa’s Raymond Vineyards, Grammy winner John Legend’s 2016 LVE Cabernet Sauvignon will be music to

your taste buds. The nose tantalizes with notes of black fruits, oolong tea and spice. The fruit forward taste with a hint of smoke and smooth tannins will enhance the meat.

Pescatarian Pairing

Grilled salmon is one of the simplest and best way to enjoy this popular fish. Salmon is a meaty, fatty fish that can stand up to a red wine pairing. The 2013 Bouchard Aine & Fils Pommard from the Côte de Beaune area of Burgundy is a wine that can pair with both red meat and a grilled salmon. The 100 percent Pinot Noir wine

smells of black fruit and spice and is well balanced with restrained tannins. An Old World wine, it has earthy undertones and is enhanced by food.

Don’t Wing It

Challenge the ABC (anything but Chardonnay) thinkers in your group when you pair grilled chicken breasts with the 2017 Buena Vista Private Reserve Chardonnay. The grapes were handpicked, sorted, whole pressed and barrel fermented with 100 percent malolactic fermentation before being aged in oak. This gives the wine a natural creaminess with notes of vanilla, spice and numerous baked fruit.

With this handy cheat sheet you’re sure to wow your guests this year at your backyard cookout. Just a reminder that our wine club members receive 20 percent off all orders after joining the club.

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