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Host a Virtual Wine Tasting Party

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

If you’re like me, you’re on about week 2700 of Zoom calls with friends in an attempt to keep your sanity during this crazy year. While it’s great to see and talk to friends, after awhile it starts to feel like Groundhog’s Day. Before COVID, I would normally meet my friends for happy hour so I figured why not try and replicate that by doing Virtual Wine Tastings.

A virtual wine tasting lets you connect socially in a safe way, learn about wine and most important, have fun with friends. And man, we need a lot more fun this year!

Setting up a virtual wine tasting is about as simple as popping a cork. You and your friends can choose to do any type of tasting Vin Roché offers. My favorite new tasting is The Three Faces of Pinot Experience where we taste a Pinot Gris, Rosé made from Pinot Noir and Pinot Noir. Many people are surprised to learn that Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir are genetically identical. So why is one a white wine and one a red wine? Try the tasting and find out!

Once you decide on a tasting theme, you and your friends simply buy the wines and they come straight to your door. Members of our wine club will save 20 percent on all orders. For certain tastings, there are curated tasting packages where everyone will save 10 percent and receive a $20 credit on a future order.

A virtual tasting is the same kind of experience you would get at a wine tasting at a winery, except that in this case you don’t just get a few sips of wine, you’ll get to have an entire bottles to enjoy later. You and your friends will get tasting notes for each of the wines and be led through the tasting by me, the same as you would during an in person tasting. You’ll learn about the wines and the wineries, be able to ask questions and interact with everyone to hear their opinions about the wines. It’s lively, fun and a new way to be social and connected. And hey, it’s cheaper than therapy!

In addition to the Three Faces of Pinot tasting, curated wine packages are available with limited edition wines normally only available in the tasting room of each winery and include:

Summer of Love

Big & Bold Experience

Red Wine Lover’s Experience

Virtual tastings can be done with any of the wines available at Vin Roché, and the wine can be shipped throughout the country, making a virtual tasting a perfect way to connect with your friends near and far.

With our social lives so curtailed this year, a virtual tasting is a way to connect again with friends doing something fun and normal in this “new” normal. I’ll raise a glass to that!

Readers can book a FREE virtual tasting by clicking here.

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