• Dena Roché

Keg Party:High-End Wines on Tap Impress

Wine has a ritual. After selecting a bottle, you uncork it with flourish, pour a bit, swirl, smell, sip and approve. Somehow pulling a tapper seems a bit lowbrow. But get over it, because wine on tap has big benefits for oenophiles with an open mind. Wine on tap actually started in Italy, and has existed in the United States for at least 30 years. The original tap wines were low-quality swill, which gave these wines a bad reputation. However, that has changed. You’ll find brands like Cline, Klinker Brick and Tablas Creek providing wine in kegs. In fact, more than 5,000 restaurants and bars in America now have wine on tap.

For anyone ordering by the glass in a restaurant, keg wines are a Godsend. The delivery system eliminates the problems of oxidization, cork in your glass or simply getting a glass that has spoiled. Wine can stay fresh in a keg for three months, making the first pull of the tap as fresh as the last.

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