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Grab a glass of your favorite Pinot or Chablis and prepare to be transported to Italy's famous sparkling wine region, visit with Francois Louis Vuitton, or wander along the desert vineyards of Temecula. 

If you love bubbles, you no doubt know all about Italy’s famous Prosecco. But if you’re looking for a Champagne alternative, you need to raise a glass of Italy’s lesser-known bubbly, Franciacorta.


Thanks to the wildly popular White Lotus television series, Americans are obsessed with all things Sicily. Just in time for fall and winter fashion unveilings, Sicilian brands Dolce & Gabbana and Donnafugata Wine have teamed up to bring wine and fashion lovers a specially curated collection of Sicilian wine.

While on the surface wine and fashion may not have a lot in common, it’s the idea of transforming a simple thread into haute couture, or a grape into a complex, sublime drink that binds the two worlds  together. Add in a commitment to using only the best ingredients or materials and masterful  craftsmanship, and it’s easy to see the connection.

D&G wine.jpeg

Get a taste of La Dolce Vita in Temecula. If a trip to Italy and the Mediterranean isn’t in the cards this year, soak up the flavors and tastes of Europe in Temecula, California instead.


In the wine world, a great vintage only gets better with age, as do legends in the wine world. This year, Napa’s Grgich Hills Estate is celebrating the 100th birthday of founder Mike Grgich.


The company Louis Vuitton founded revolutionized luggage and leather goods and redefined luxury. It’s no surprise that Louis’ great-great-grandson, Francois-Louis Vuitton inherited that innovative spirit and is shaking up the venerable Grand Cru wines of Bordeaux.


Many travelers center their vacation around beautiful wine areas like Oregon's Willamette Valley to enjoy bucolic scenery, fantastic food, and mesmerizing wine. Here are some of our favorite Hispanic-owned wineries for sipping, swirling, and savoring that glass of Pinot Noir. 

hispanic wine.png

If you think you know how wine is made, think again. Somerset Vineyard & Winery in Temecula, California, is reviving the ancient art of making wine in terracotta pots instead of oak barrels or stainless-steel tanks.


The next time you’re ready to pop the cork to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or simply making it through the week, skip the tried-and-true Champagne and reach for one of these sparkling Champagne alternatives.


From Top Gun standout to maverick winemaker, Hal Schmitt has flown a unique path to becoming owner of Volatus Wines in Paso Robles, California.

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