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The World of Wine: Carter Estate 2014 South Coast Sangiovese

red and white wine and vineyard
Carter Estate Winery in Temecula. Photo: Carter Estate

In 2023 I visited Temecula and stayed at Carter Estate Winery and Resort. My first tasting in the area was there, and the 2014 South Coast Sangiovese Private Reserve wowed so I brought a bottle back home. This past weekend I had the chance to share a slice of Temecula with friends through this special Italian wine.


One of my favorite things about wine is the chance to travel to a region through a bottle, or revisit a memorable trip through a sip. Our friends have never been to Temecula so the wine gave them a chance to experience the region from the wine itself and the stories I told. In my Vin Roché Tastings it’s this ability of wine and stories to immerse and transport you all around the world without ever leaving your home that I bring to clients.


Carter Estate 2014 South Coast Sangiovese

bottle of red wine
Carter Estate Sangiovese

All Carter Estate wine is 100% estate-grown and certified sustainable. This means all the grapes that made the wine come from their own vineyards and they focus on healthy farming practices and land stewardship.


Sangiovese is the classic grape from Italy’s famed Tuscany. I picked this wine because our friends were making homemade pizzas in their outdoor oven.


This Southern California interpretation has classic cherry, smoke, herbal notes and a hint of violets on the nose. Sangiovese offers high acidity, making it food-friendly. In its youth I find it can display some aggressive tannins, but in this 10-year-old bottle, those tannins have mellowed and the wine is smooth and supple, while still showing great structure. This wine was aged in French Oak barrels specifically coopered for Sangiovese, which also played with the tannin profile of the wine.


The wine worked well with both the carnivore’s prosciutto pizza and my vegetarian mushroom version. Even the non-red wine drinker at our table remarked that she enjoyed the pairing.


Traveling to Temecula

patio tablescape and vineyard
Patio off your vineyard bungalow. Photo: Carter Estate

When going on a wine vacation, nothing beats staying at a winery property. Carter Estate Winery and Resort is ideally located for exploring the entire Temecula wine region. The hotel has a Tuscan villa vibe. Request vineyard view bungalow #21 to enjoy the best sunset views on the property from your balcony (while sipping a glass of wine of course).


While I loved the Sangiovese, Carter Estate is known for its sparkling wines. Made using Methode Champenoise lovers of bubbles will enjoy either the Brut or the Blanc de Noir.


If you’re not able to travel to Temecula soon, take a journey in a bottle with a wide selection of wines from Carter Estates in the interim.


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