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My passion for wine is like fine Bordeaux, it took a bit of time to grow, open up and burst onto the scene. I first got interested in wine through my work as a travel journalist. Covering luxury travel for publications like the BBC, Forbes, Robb Report, American Way and more, I was often wined and dined. I visited and wrote about 32 wine regions in 11 countries on four continents. From exploring New Zealand’s racy Sauvignon Blancs via moped, to being shown South Africa’s Winelands by the country’s top young sommelier, my interest in wine grew. I was fascinated by the nuances in wine created by terroir. I began volunteering at wine events where I had the opportunity to share what I knew about wine from what I learned as a journalist and from studying with The Court of Master Sommeliers. I loved when I introduced someone to a wine they were reluctant to try and watched their eyes light up when they liked it. It’s seeing those “A-ha” moments and helping demystify wine that led me to launch Vin Roché.


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"Dena orchestrated an incredible wine pairing dinner for 18 of the most influential people on the F&B scene in Arizona. We learned about a wide variety of wines and enjoyed a cornucopia of food. At this exciting dinner, we were able to learn, laugh and share a unique culinary experience. It is moments like this that we all carry as beautiful lifetime moments spent with friends."
Lynette Carrington, Food Influencer



Private dinners, events and VIP tastings.



Team building events, corporate parties and private label wine for gifting.



Experiential, interactive and fun! Join one of our public tastings.

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Vin Roché wine travel is curated by a travel journalist turned wine consultant who has visited and written about 32 wine regions in 11 countries on four continents.